The Agronomy Society of Nepal (ASoN) was established in 2050 BS (1994 AD). ASoN is a scientific and professional society that empowers scientists, educators, and practitioners in developing, disseminating, and applying agronomic solutions to feed the nation. The society organizes various national and International Symposia and Conferences. ASoN provides information about agronomy in relation to agronomic production, seed production, weed science and technology, climatology, modeling, ecology, land management, climate-smart/resilient agricultural technologies, and conservation agriculture. The society has been bringing out the most coveted Agronomy Journal of Nepal (Agron. JN) volumes 1 to 6 and will publish annually. The society also publishes technical bulletins, book chapters, leaflets, and booklets on the recent advances in agronomy beneficial for farmers and entrepreneurs. Besides, the society is to confer various awards and fellowships for outstanding achievements in the field of Agronomy.